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Foregone Conclusion!

Foregone Conclusion!
Let the nation now focus on the Future!

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Democracy should be the only way to Power

Political parties in a democratic system should not only preach democracy but also practice the same in a transparent and clean manner. The founders of Bikolpo Dhara (now LDP) have always propagated clean politics and projected their leader as “Rajnitir Porichonno Purush” translated “the Clean Man of Politics”. Surely, these leaders are aware that the only way to replace an elected government is by means of a democratic movement culminating in a general election.

To everyone’s disbelief, it has now been revealed that the BDB leaders were actually busy doing just the opposite. They were involved in clandestine and undemocratic moves to overthrow government by buying out the then BNP MPs at a cost of Ten million Taka (Tk.1 crore) each, better known as the “April 30 Trump Card”. Also revealed that funds were being raised for the purpose from businessmen known for their unscrupulous practices. Apparently, some politicians belonging to different political parties were also involved in conspiracy.

Time will tell who else fueled all this. Democratic means of forming a government indeed!

The world has witnessed “Watergate”, a scandal of international proportions. This is worse than that. The nation should now realize that these so called democratic and clean politicians are actually rotten to the core. They are no alternative – they are all the same. The people who have led thus far have not only cheated the nation, they have also cheated their own party men. For politics to go forward in a democratic manner, it is absolutely essential that it is done so without these leaders.

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Seminar on Political Reforms will be held at the VIP lounge of the National Press Club at 10:00 a.m. The seminar is hosted by the Coalition for Good Governance. Dr. Akbar Ali Khan will be the chief guest. Pro Reforms Group is a member of the Coalition. The papers, points of view and details of the seminar will be published at this blog.
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